decades of history


The combined brainchild of a Privy Counsellor and a national sporting hero who, with the fall of Communism in Hungary, suddenly found himself thrust into the role of ambassador to the Court of St James’s, our Society has been successfully fostering positive bilateral relations ever since.

Today the BHS is far more than the only officially recognized, and formally registered society, promoting such objectives: being an incorporated non-profit Limited by Guarantee. Alongside our scintillating annual social calendar (ongoing since the 1990s), we continue to offer unique networking opportunities to our members; while also conducting commemorative events in London, at Oxbridge, in Budapest, and beyond.

The enriching depth and warmth of feeling between Britons in Hungary, and Hungarians in Britain — leading as it has to centuries of analytical, creative and economic collaboration between us both — is something in whose maintenance we take exceptional pride.

Standing Committee

Day-to-day the BHS is steered by its seven-member executive, which brings together experienced Hungarian, British and dual-national professionals, from the fields of commerce, the law, science and the arts.

The Committee and its biannually chosen Chairman, is dedicated to bringing heavyweight thinkers, and meaningful change-makers, together with our established membership; while also providing exciting events and earnest vocational insights, to younger members.

Revisit us soon to learn more about the individual officers of the Society, and their constitutionally-defined roles in promoting positive relations between our two countries.

Refugee Memorial

Just as Hungary now offers much needed refuge, to well over a million who have fled the bitter conflict, in a neighbouring land: the recognition of the quite extraordinary efforts made by Britons, in aiding those escaping what was then seen, as a far-off nation… is beginning to slip from living memory.

Commemorating the pivotal role that London, and its City especially, played in assisting those still able to escape the Russian onslaught, of 1956, is a project in whose furtherance we have also been privileged to welcome Hungary’s present ambassador — who chairs the design selection-panel, of the monument our donors have pledged to subsidize.